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Tuesday, 7 February 2012

The Myth of Global Warming

The Myth of Global Warming

   Global warming is certainly a myth. This follows a series of absurdities. The first is to think that there would be the so-called "fossil fuels". This is nonsense of higher order. Just refer to the page on the origin of natural hydrocarbons for better information. The second is absurd to believe that humans have some ability to change the global climate with its activities. We are a fragile species that inhabit the surface of this planet and we are vulnerable to a range of natural disasters and, when they occur in sufficient magnitude, may in effect, wipe out all or almost all of humanity. Among these causes - and just to mention some of these - are the occurrence of massive meteoritic impact, extensive volcanism, incurable diseases caused by viruses, extreme imbalance of solar activity, among others.

   It will be much fanfare either by pseudo-scientists, politicians, media, environmentalists about the causes of the so-called "global warming", which means that less informed people become stressed about the possibility of this problem. The point is that many of these claims do not have adequate scientific basis, especially for neglecting or even unaware of the planet itself and the natural laws that govern it.

  Some say that the emission of carbon dioxide (CO2) gas, which is considered a greenhouse gas, is responsible for the phenomenon. However it is noteworthy that the composition of the atmosphere, the average concentration of CO2 is only 0.03% or 300ppm (parts per million) i.e., pratically has no CO2 in the atmosphere and most of that gas enters the process of photosynthesis with its natural cycle.

   On the other hand, although almost no methane gas (CH4) is part of the atmosphere, methane is trapped in large volume inside the Earth (mantle) and also in the form of gas hydrate near the bottom of the oceans due to the continuous process of upewelling since from the beginning of the process of planetary formation. Methane is a greenhouse gas 20 times more potent than CO2. In geological time many mass extinctions can be explained by the huge release of methane by catastrophic events.

   Thus, to promote alarm based on global warming by anthropogenic causes, or is ignorance or a serious scam that might be interest just to some groups.

   To see some records you can visit:
The video below also shows an interesting picture, but just when it is mentioned only to disregard the word "fossil fuel". Carbon-based fuel is most suitable word.

John Coleman Debunks the Myth of Global Warming


  1. It's not global warming. It's called climate change and yes it is very real.

    1. In fact climate change occurring since Earth is Earth, but not by anthropogenic causes.